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  • What Does "Top Producer" Mean to You

    Monday, March 13, 2017   /   by Melanie Lanteigne

    What Does "Top Producer" Mean to You

    Award season has ended for Hollywood but is just starting for Real Estate. We are proud to say the Gebran & Associates of Search Home in Edmonton team achieved the Medallion medallionAward for being in the TOP 10% of Sales in Edmonton & surrounding areas. But, this post isn't to brag or pat ourselves on the back but to explain to you how a top producing agent can benefit you.

    Firstly, you're probably wondering what a "Top Producing Agent" is. It sounds good, it sounds successful, but it simply means that we sold among the highest total dollar amounts over the year of 2016. In the grand scheme of things, our total Sold Dollars don't effect you as a buyer or seller but the qualities that help us achieve this title, do. If we weren't good at our job it would be pretty unlikely we would reach the level of sales to qualify for TOP 10%. As a team we pride ourselves on offering top quality customer services to all our clients which in turn we are sent their referrals as well being their go-to REALTOR® for life, as somebody who works in customer service industry there is no bigger compliment then being referred to your friends and family after a successful deal. In our opinion here are the top characteristics you should look for in your REALTOR®, all of which we strive for as "Top Producing" agents.

      • Local Knowledge - We are lucky enough to have team members that specialize in all areas surrounding Edmonton. Although they all know Edmonton like the back of their hand it is awesome to have local buyer specialists. Whether it be Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Leduc or Stony Plain you can bet we have an agent that knows the communities better than most.

      • Honesty & Integrity - We know REALTORS® are commonly classified as pushy, slimy sales people. Unfortunately there are some that fit those descriptions, only adding to the stigma. Our team proudly follows the Code of Ethics & Standards of Practices set out for us as REALTORS®. Your REALTOR® should be honest with you from the start, sometimes it isn't always what you want to hear, but this is how you know your best interests are being looked out for.

      • Connections & Representation - Not only as a team do we have large sphere of influence but also have a lead generation website that generates hundreds of leads per month. We have plenty of potential buyers for our sellers but have healthy relationships with other local REALTORS® which lead to smooth, civil transactions.

      • Understanding of Technology - The Real Estate world has evolved since the days of ads in the newspaper.. Does anyone still read an actual printed newspaper? Every buyer (and seller) starts by checking out the market on the WWW. We make sure to market all our properties extensively on the web - MLS, Realtor.ca, Kijiji, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Personal Websites, Office Websites, APPs, you name it really. If somebody is looking, they will find your property.  Not only is our marketing done online but we are also moving to more paperless transactions with electronic signing and file sharing via dropbox.

      • Inviting Personality - We have a range of agents on our team, all different and unique. We know one agent won't work for every client. We work as a team to ensure you have the best agent for YOU. We are helping with one of the biggest investments of your life and this often entails spending a lot of time together and if you don't like your agent it probably won't be a very good experience for either of you. But don't worry, all of our agents are pretty great people!

      • Hardworking - Being a Top Producing team involves a lot of work ethic. Our agents are motivated to help you find you the perfect home for your situation. It isn't only about putting in the time, but also making smart decisions, educating our clients and doing everything we can to make sure the deal closes.

    We are very proud to say all our team members work tirelessly and emulate everyone of these characteristics and would like to congratulate each of them for excelling in their field.

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