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  • Vital Home Childproofing Tips

    Friday, December 9, 2016   /   by Melanie Lanteigne

    Vital Home Childproofing Tips

    Home Childproofing
    Keeping children safe is paramount. We’ve come up with a list that can help safeguard them from harm in your home.
    • Place nonslip mats in and next to the bathtub, and soft covers for bathtub spout and knobs.
    • Turn down overall temperature of your water heater to prevent scalds during bathing.
    • Use digital thermometer as an indicator that the water temperature is just right!
    • Installing doorstops or door holders help protect child’s fingers.
    • If you can, use cordless window coverings and cut off or tie up dangling cords on drapes and blinds.
    • Mark expanses of glass with colorful stickers (such as sliding doors.)
    • Install stops, guards and safety mesh on windows, decks, and landings.
    • Set up window protectors to avoid falls but be sure they're easy for you to remove in case of fire.
    • Install corner or edge guards on furniture that may turn into a threat as child climbs, walks, and grows taller.
    • Secure furniture and appliances that can knock over (e.g.: bookcases, chests of drawers, televisions, etc.) Unstable lamps should be secured behind furniture.
    • Block railings with plastic garden fencing or other material.
    • Place outlet covers or safety plugs over unused outlets or block/hide them including electrical cords with furniture. Keep all appliances unplugged and out of reach.
    • Check and replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly. Plan and review a fire escape route with your child.
    • Confine access to unsafe areas with safety gates, knob covers, and door locks.
    • Keep trash cans in unreachable cupboards.
    • Cover or block entrance to radiators or floor heaters.
    • Secure appliances with latch, i.e.: refrigerator, etc.
    • Keep electronic equipment out of reach or locked up, i.e.: like stereos DVRs, DVD players and remotes.
    Last but not least, it doesn’t hurt to keep an essential first aid kit accessible at all times