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  • Traditional Lights VS. LED Lights

    Friday, December 9, 2016   /   by Melanie Lanteigne

    Traditional Lights VS. LED Lights

    Have you ever wondered what the difference is between traditional incandescent Christmas lights and LED lights? Its important to know which Christmas lights are durable, safe, and cost efficient as we leave them on for long hours and even overnight.

    Based on these facts, LED Christmas lights are a better option than the mini incandescent lights. Not only are they cost efficient, durable, and safe to use, they also help the environment by consuming less energy.

    • They last 66 times longer than traditional incandescent lights.
    • They are rated to last for 50,000–200,000 hours.
    • They use 80–90% less energy.
    • And because you do not need to replace them for a long time, it helps decrease waste.

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